Home Buying 101

Your overview for how the home buying
process works.

I Want to Buy A Home. Where Do I Start?

Buying a home can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry! Below, we’ve broken the process down into three phases and a few steps along the way to give you a good grasp on what the proces looks like from start to finish.

And while this is a nice guide, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have!

One - Find Your Financing

See How Much You Can Afford and Get Prequalified

Determine how much house you can afford

  • Your income and debt are the two most important factors when deciding how much house you can afford. 1
  • Take into consideration your monthly and yearly expenses associated with a house like utilities, taxes and insurance2

Save for a down payment and/or closing costs3

  • Decide if you want to make a down payment or not
  • Third party closing costs such as appraisal, survey (if necessary), title company fees
  • Moving expenses – everything from paying movers to new appliances

Get a pre-qualification letter4

  • A pre-approval letter will give you approval for the amount you need to purchase a home in your price range
  • Check out our extensive list of loan programs that may fit your current situation or take a look at our loan process
  • Get this started by reaching out to us here

Two - Find Your Home

Finalize Your House Wish List, Hire Help and Hunt for Your Home

Develop a ‘wish list’

  • What features are you looking for in your new home? What style of house? Have a kind of neighborhood in mind? Consider all of these and write them down before the house hunting begins

Work with a real estate agent 5

  • Having a good realtor (a buyer’s agent) on your side can help you in price negotiations and the paperwork required
  • Select a home inspector before you get started on house hunting – your realtor can help you make this selection. This will take the pressure off and allow you to pick someone who can do

Hunt for that House!

  • Find the ideal house for you. Consider location, age of the home and other elements on your wish list

Make an offer

  • Your real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf with the ‘seller’s agent’
  • Offers are typically contingent on a home inspection. It’s advised that you work with your real estate agent on this.

Three - Close the Deal

Get Your Loan Funded, Sign the Paperwork and Get the Keys


Processing and underwriting6

  • The lender (that’s us) will review income, asset and credit documentation as well as information about the property.
  • We will also order certain verifications, an appraisal and ‘title work’

Closing and funding7

  • We’ll arrange a meeting with a title company (the seller typically selects) where the legal paperwork is signed by all parties so that proper title of the home can be transferred and funds exchanged.
  • When the final paperwork is signed and the funds are transferred to the seller, you’re given the keys and are ready to move into your home!

Enjoy Your Home Purchase!

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