The Five Step Process
Start the Conversation

Take an easy first step. Fill out the quick form for
home purchases or refinancing to see what you can
qualify for and what loan programs we have that
can work for you.

Application & Consultation

After you’ve had a chance to connect with us, click the apply now button to fill out the loan application. With that information, we’ll be able to go over your situation in detail and finalize on a plan that fits your goals. If you haven’t located a property yet, we can also give you a pre-qualification letter to give you an advantage when shopping for a home.

Processing & Underwriting

Here we go! As we work on processing, underwriting, ordering an appraisal and more, our team will review your documentation (credit, income, assets, property, etc.) to make sure that all guidelines are met.


When all guidelines have been met, your loan is 'clear to close'! Your Loan Originator will set up a meeting to sign all of the paperwork.


When all parties have signed the necessary paperwork, the money we have sent to the title company will be disbursed. At this time, you'll get the keys to your new home or your new mortgage refinance will take effect!